Cleantech’s Unsung Heroes

January 24, 2010

Some clean techsectors are overhyped, while others have unrecognized potential
by David L. Levy
When most people think about clean energy, solar and wind are the first things that spring to mind. Markets for these renewable energy sources have exhibited rapid growth of about 25-30% annually, and these sectors have attracted the lion’s share of venture capital [...]

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Climate Change and Clean Tech in Israel

January 12, 2010
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Israel is a small country of 7.5 million people with an oversized political and media footprint. It also has a growing carbon footprint problem on its current development path, as noted in the November 2009 McKinsey report on Greenhouse Gas Reduction Potential in Israel (the 5-page summary is in English, click here for full [...]


Sustainable Energy: Perspectives from the US and Europe

January 8, 2010
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This is a reposting of a recent piece by Marie Shields, editor of the online magazine Power and Energy. The article includes a few comments of mine.
Generating more energy from renewable sources will be crucial to our survival: not just as individual countries, but as a planet. With this in mind, Marie Shields takes a [...]

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