BP’s Exit from USCAP: An Alarm Signal?

February 23, 2010

Four months is a long time in climate politics. Back in October 2009, the momentum toward a global carbon regime seemed ineluctable. President Obama held a super-majority in the US Senate, China appeared amenable to a deal, high-profile companies were defecting from the US Chamber of Commerce over its opposition to climate action, and a [...]

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SEC Guidance a Boost for Carbon Disclosure

February 10, 2010

This post is by my colleague Lucia Silva Gao, Assistant Professor of Finance, College of Management, University of Massachusetts, Boston. Her research focuses on the relationship between environmental and financial performance.
On January 27, 2010 the SEC voted to issue interpretive guidance on disclosure requirements of climate risks in SEC filings. The SEC stressed that [...]


Beyond Brokenhagen

February 1, 2010

Business and Climate Change in the Post-Copenhagen Era
By David L. Levy
(This is an updated version of an earlier posting)
President Obama’s decision to speak at the COP-15 climate summit in Copenhagen in December 2009 cannot have been easy. Obama surely did not want to invest his shrinking political capital in backing the doomed international conference, but [...]

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