Energy Efficiency Adventures

June 24, 2010

True stories of the hidden barriers to residential energy efficiency “In essence, the rebate on the boiler (which I’ve already paid for via a surcharge on my electricity bill) is captured by the plumber” by David L. Levy This week the temperature hit 90F in Boston, and after appropriate procrastination, I finally started replacing the […]


The Green Treadmill

June 21, 2010

My colleague and retired MIT professor John Ehrenfeld writes a very thoughtful blog called Sustainability by Design (and he has a recent book with the same title). John and I share some similar interests in complex systems, consumer culture, and the limits of business sustainability – he makes the important point in his writing that […]

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Solar: Clean Greed

June 11, 2010

One of the best speeches I’ve heard on clean energy business opportunities was not given by a cleantech executive or venture capitalist, but by Michael Beard, the fictional character at the center of Ian McEwan’s new novel Solar. Beard is a physicist who earned his Nobel laureate for an early brainwave, but is cruising through […]