Climate Strategy: Facing uncertainty and economic recession

September 10, 2009

This guest contribution is by Drs. Ans Kolk and Jonatan Pinkse, professors at the University of Amsterdam Business School, The Netherlands. Earlier this year, their book International Business and Global Climate Change was published by Routledge. Dr. Ans Kolk has focused on business strategy and climate strategy for a number of years, and we have [...]

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A Tale of Two Meltdowns

August 25, 2009

by David L. Levy
Managing crises in complex systems
Just when the world was beginning to wake up to the climate change crisis, with a flood of new evidence on the accelerating meltdown of glaciers and polar ice caps, the financial crisis struck. Paul Gilding has termed this convergence of twin crises “The Great Disruption.” At first [...]

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How to get free MAC lunches

August 15, 2009

by David L. Levy
A managerial and behavioral lens on low-cost carbon reductions
I’m writing this response to Jürgen Weiss and Mark Sarro’s excellent guest contribution while looking out of my antiquated and rusting steel casement windows in Brookline, Mass. These single pane windows, which date to the1951 construction of the house, are wintertime energy hogs [...]


Whacking the MAC

August 13, 2009

Why we should be skeptical about negative-cost carbon abatement
A guest contribution by Mark Sarro and Jurgen Weiss, Watermark Economics, LLC
Jürgen Weiss and Mark Sarro are the co-founders of Watermark Economics, a consulting firm specializing in international and regional climate economics, finance and policy with an emphasis on mathematical and economic modeling, forecasting methodologies, policy [...]


Sticker Shock – Walmart’s labeling scheme will be costly, but will it be effective?

August 4, 2009
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By Stephen Stokes, AMR Research
Addressing climate change and other environmental issues requires real action at the facility and process level –  just creating product labels may not be effective
Walmart’s product environmental labeling aspirations went public in the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal last month and sent ripples of fear and excitement [...]