64,000 Clean Energy Jobs in Massachusetts

October 31, 2011

Beyond the headline numbers, the report highlights the diversity of sectors, activities, and skill levels associated with clean energy, and points to workforce education needs.
By David L. Levy
The Massachusetts Clean Energy Center released the 2011 Massachusetts Clean Energy Industry Report this month, just a few weeks after the failures of solar firms Solyndra and [...]

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Arguing with Rocks

April 17, 2011

Review of: Challenged by Carbon: The Oil Industry and Climate Change, by Bryan Lovell. Cambridge University Press (2009)
This review was first published in International Affairs Volume 87, Issue 2,pages 467–520, March 2011
By David L. Levy
You cannot argue with rocks. This is the crux of Bryan Lovell’s argument in Challenged by Carbon, a book that combines [...]

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Google’s Dan Reicher speaks at UMass-Boston

December 5, 2010

Dan Reicher, Google’s (former) Director of Climate Change & Energy Initiatives, spoke this week at UMass-Boston’s launch of its professional education programs in clean energy and sustainability.

Dan Reicher, until last week Google’s Director of Climate Change & Energy Initiatives, told a UMass-Boston audience of several hundred people that the US needs to do much more [...]

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Green Education for the Next Generation

May 6, 2010

UMass-Boston celebrates new Center for Sustainable Enterprise and Regional Competitiveness (SERC) with “Green Education for the Next Generation” events
On Saturday night, May 1st, UMass-Boston celebrated the launch of our new Center for Sustainable Enterprise and Regional Competitiveness (disclosure – I’m the director) and other sustainability initiatives on campus with a gala dinner featuring keynote speaker [...]


Chaos and Confusion on Weather and Climate

April 18, 2010

A business school perspective on the forces that shape perspectives on climate change
By David L. Levy
Progress toward building a coalition supportive of aggressive action on climate change seems to have become mired in spring mud. In an earlier posting, I discussed the sudden change in climate in the wake of “climategate”, the cold winter in [...]


Book Review: Sustainability Strategies

October 9, 2009

Review of: Sustainability Strategies: When Does it Pay to be Green? By Dr. Renato J. Orsato, Palgrave Macmillan, July 2009.
Dr. Renato J. Orsato is Senior Research Fellow at INSEAD Social Innovation Centre, France. He has been a researcher, educator, and consultant for the past 15 years.
Review by David L. Levy
From time to time I’ll be [...]

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Training the “Green and White” Collar Workforce

September 12, 2009

by David L. Levy
Governor Deval Patrick of Massachusetts announced September 1st nearly $1 million in  grants for educational programs that will enhance training for the state’s burgeoning clean energy industry. This is good news for climate change, for Massachusetts, and particularly for me, because a group I’m leading at the University of Massachusetts, Boston was [...]