SRECs to Rescue Solar Power?

May 18, 2010
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A few weeks ago I ran into David Weinberg, President of Apogee Solar, a solar energy developer in Connecticut and Massachusetts. I was intrigued by his company’s business pitch: to provide solar installations at no up-front cost to customers and then enter a long-term agreement to sell power to the customer at a heavily discounted [...]


Unleashing Exxon’s Resources for Low-Carbon Fuels

December 17, 2009

UMass-Boston part of new international research project on corporate climate strategies
by David L. Levy
The transition to a global low-carbon economy will require the large-scale mobilization of financial, technological, and organizational resources. With government coffers depleted by the recession and bailouts, the vast majority of these resources will have to come from the private sector (see [...]


Clean Energy Competitiveness in a Global Economy

November 5, 2009

By David L. Levy
Concerns about the future of the US clean energy sector were heightened last week when John Rudolf ran a New York Times article describing plans for a 600-megawatt $1.5 billion wind farm in West Texas. With construction set to begin in March 2010, the wind farm will use 240 2.5MW turbines manufactured [...]

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Book Review: Sustainability Strategies

October 9, 2009

Review of: Sustainability Strategies: When Does it Pay to be Green? By Dr. Renato J. Orsato, Palgrave Macmillan, July 2009.
Dr. Renato J. Orsato is Senior Research Fellow at INSEAD Social Innovation Centre, France. He has been a researcher, educator, and consultant for the past 15 years.
Review by David L. Levy
From time to time I’ll be [...]

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Climate Strategy: Facing uncertainty and economic recession

September 10, 2009

This guest contribution is by Drs. Ans Kolk and Jonatan Pinkse, professors at the University of Amsterdam Business School, The Netherlands. Earlier this year, their book International Business and Global Climate Change was published by Routledge. Dr. Ans Kolk has focused on business strategy and climate strategy for a number of years, and we have [...]

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Carbon Wars II: The Sequel

August 20, 2009

by David L. Levy
Why is the US oil industry reverting to the tactics of the 1990’s Carbon Wars?
In these sultry, languid days of August, large numbers of Americans are suddenly getting excited about climate change. They are not, however, worried about rising CO2 levels and the impact on sea levels, hurricanes, or glaciers. They are [...]


Back to Petroleum?

August 13, 2009

by David L. Levy
BP and Shell, the two giant British (and British-Dutch) oil companies, are both making a major strategic retreat from alternative energy and refocusing on their core oil and gas businesses. Ed Crooks has recently provided an insightful analysis of BP’s Back to Petroleum strategy in the Financial Times (also see also The [...]