McKinsey’s Expanding Free Lunch Program

December 8, 2009

By David L. Levy
The Financial Times reported some intriguing new McKinsey data this week on carbon mitigation costs across sectors and countries. The data indicate that there are substantial differences in costs, and predictably, that building efficiency, lighting, and HVAC are the low-hanging fruit available at negative cost. The implication is that US companies [...]

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Urgent Need for Clean Tech Project Finance – FT

August 22, 2009

by David L. Levy
The urgency of Daniel Goldman’s proposal to create a The Clean Energy Accelerator Corp. (see previous post) is reinforced by an article in the Financial Times today,  Cash Crunch Could Stain Clean Technology. Richard Waters writes that:
The lack of capital, however, is preventing many companies in the alternative energy world from reaching [...]

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