Cap and Trade: Creating a winning policy coalition?

August 13, 2009

This is a guest contribution by Dr. Matthew Paterson, School for Political Science, University of Ottawa, Ontario. He is also co-editor, of the journal Global Environmental Politics.
David Levy raises many questions in his post Carbon Markets to Serve the Planet, on Krugman’s defence defence of cap-and-trade. I want to pick up on two [...]

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Carbon Markets to Serve the Planet

July 28, 2009

by David L. Levy
Paul Krugman rushed to defend cap-and-trade in his New York Times blog this week against the accusation by Senator Byron Dorgan in the Bismarck Tribune that speculation could make the carbon price as volatile as oil prices have been in recent months. Joe Romm weighed in to support Krugman on his blog, [...]

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